Paid Internships wordwide

Paid Internships wordwide

Start your internship with IAESTE to gain international work experience

Paid Internships wordwide

Paid Internships wordwide

Start your internship with IAESTE to gain international work experience

Paid Internships wordwide

Paid Internships wordwide

Start your internship with IAESTE to gain international work experience

Paid Internships wordwide

Paid Internships wordwide

Start your internship with IAESTE to gain international work experience

Work. Experience. Discover.

What is IAESTE?

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is a global non-governmental, non-profit organisation. We benefit students, employers and universities through the IAESTE internship programme. Paid internships abroad help students gain professional experience and cross-cultural skills. Employers and universities gain access to talented international interns, who bring new impulses and insights to their business or research. IAESTE provides primarily STEM internships, however we expand to other fields, such as marketing, management and languages.

Get to Know More About IAESTE Nigeria


International volunteer group

As an IAESTE intern or volunteer, you become part of the biggest international group you could ever imagine. Taking care of each other, friendship and trust are the core IAESTE values that drive the whole IAESTE community..

Paid professional experience

An IAESTE internship will be a highlight on your CV whenever you apply for a job. Our paid internships provide real work experience directly connected to your studies and are also flexible in terms of how long they are and when they
take place.

Boost intercultural competencies

An IAESTE internship gives you a deep intercultural experience as well as the work experience.
You will live and work alongside other international students, travel together on the weekends and discover new destinations.
Your IAESTE people will take care of you, so you will be in a safe environment.

Contribute to building peace

IAESTE was established in 1948 in the aftermath of the Second World War, based on the strong belief that building friendships through student exchange would contribute to world peace. IAESTE’s mission is to promote international understanding, so by joining us, you help
make the world a better place.

International Alumni Network

Over 368k students have been on an IAESTE internship since 1948. Connecting with IAESTE alumni grows your professional network and provides opportunities long after your internship
has ended.

Ready to change your life?

IAESTE changed my
life’ is what we most often hear from our interns and volunteers. Once you become part of IAESTE you can look forward to immersing yourself into
new cultures and working in international environments.
You will know how to achieve all of this on your own, boosting your independence and self-esteem.

How It Works

Where would you like to go next? Select a committee by clicking on the map below, and get in touch with IAESTE in the country of your studies.

Interning in Nigeria

We accept active and graduate students of all nationalities usually age 18-35, don’t worry if our country embassy is not present in your country, we have Visa on Arrival.

Nigeria is situated in the western part of Africa and it is the largest economy and most populous country in the continent. English is the official language of communication a legacy from the British Empire. Nigeria is secular country, with Christianity as the main religion in the South and Islam in the North. We will send you our reception booklet on acceptance of your internship

The IAESTE local committee or the employer will arrange your stay in the country, including picking airport picks, accommodation, and actively engage you throughout the internship period.

The IAESTE Local Committee will assign a contact person for you, who will primarily assist you in case of any challenges during the internships, including arranging reception programmes and tours throughout the country.

Students From Nigeria

To register, you must be:- a bona fide student of any institutions in Nigeria- actively enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student or recent graduate (but not more 12months from date of graduation)- age 18 – 35

Create your account at the portal, and notify your local committee in your institution for verification or email | iaeste@uniben.ed

After your registration, we will review your profile and academic credentials, and actively use such to secure you a placement.

The nomination is a set of documents, which you use to apply for a job position. It includes your academic credentials and international passport. The nomination documents enable the employer to make decision of accepting or rejecting your application.

The waiting period for acceptance is usually between 2 – 4 weeks. After which we guide you through the visa and travel application process.

The receiving IAESTE committee will welcome you and provide assistance for you during the internship. You are expected to give a detailed report on the completion of your internship in order to be issue an IAESTE certificate.

Explore currently available internships all around the world

Search currently available internships and find a life-changing experience. Each IAESTE country has its own internships for the students, so get in touch with them.

+234 8036765141, 08136178803, 07035062177, 07017537291, 08060482777,

IAESTE National Secretariat, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Benin, PMB 1154, Benin City, Nigeria.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
8.30am – 4.30pm